Since its creation in 1916, Jayme da Costa has always been one of the most valued companies in the area of engineering, electrical equipments production and low and medium tension installations. At the same time, we complemented our activity with the representation and distribution of the most important international companies of this sector.
Nowadays, we are an important company in some areas of the sector, thanks to our brand image and the quality of our products and services.
We have strongly contributed to the electrification of the country and to its industrial modernization. Together with EDP-Electricidade de Portugal and the DGGE we have defined many of the present procedures and regulations.
By the late 1990s a new phase of Jayme da Costa began and there was a change in the management team which brought new ideas and working methods. This strategy has allowed us to be more competitive in the international market and also to expand our activity to other complementary areas both by our own development and by the acquisition or creation of other companies. Nowadays the Group owns eight companies in Portugal and abroad, and we are one of the biggest national groups in our sector.
Our head office is in Grijó, near Porto where we also have a production unit. This modern, recently built factory has an area of 5.000 m2, including 1.600m2 of office area.
It was built in a 30.000 m2 piece of land owned by the Group, with direct access to EN1 (National Road 1) and A1 (Highway 1).